7 Ways Harm Reduction Can Help Promote Recovery

By Cathy Taughinbaugh December 6, 2019 “I see harm reduction as a way of engaging people as part of that path to recovery.” ~ Paul R. Ehrlich Have you heard about harm reduction? If so, you may have mixed feelings about the idea. While harm reduction has been around for a while, many people aren’tContinue reading “7 Ways Harm Reduction Can Help Promote Recovery”

America’s Favorite Poison Whatever happened to the anti-alcohol movement?

By Olga Khazan, The Atlantic Occasionally, Elizabeth Bruenig unleashes a tweet for which she knows she’s sure to get dragged: She admits that she doesn’t drink. Bruenig, a columnist at The New York Times with a sizable social-media following, told me that it usually begins with her tweeting something mildly inflammatory and totally unrelated toContinue reading “America’s Favorite Poison Whatever happened to the anti-alcohol movement?”

Wood Co. Jail launches new program to help inmates recover from addiction

The Wood County Jail has started a new program hoping those who come through their doors for drug and alcohol charges don’t return after they are released.

Learning to be patient and persistent like Bamboo

BAMBOO: A STORY OF PATIENCE AND PERSISTENCE If you plant a bamboo seed, water the tree and add fertilizer for a whole year, nothing happens. There are no visible signs of growth in spite of providing all of these things. Afer a second year of watering and fertilizer, there is again NO GROWTH above theContinue reading “Learning to be patient and persistent like Bamboo”

How Do You Handle Emotional Triggers?

“(…) in mindful reflection, we go beyond the surface to see what’s underneath. A mindful person reflects on skills and “unskills” and holds each equally. We reflect to learn. We reflect so that in the present and future, we can maintain the positive and not support the negative. In reflecting, we don’t aim to unscrupulouslyContinue reading “How Do You Handle Emotional Triggers?”

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