How Do You Handle Emotional Triggers?

“(…) in mindful reflection, we go beyond the surface to see what’s underneath. A mindful person reflects on skills and “unskills” and holds each equally. We reflect to learn. We reflect so that in the present and future, we can maintain the positive and not support the negative. In reflecting, we don’t aim to unscrupulously assess our accomplishments or dig into wounds and then judge ourselves harshly about where we came up short. No. Mindful reflection seeks to not to assess, not to judge but to see clearly—“to be a viewer of our own movie” to see what was underneath our thoughts, feelings, reactions, responses as we moved through life in the last year, in the previous day, in the last moment. We are not trying to find the wrong person we were or the right person for that matter. With friendliness, we seek the motivations, the understanding, and the mental states we experienced (i.e., exploring questions such as, Was it anger in that situation that caused my hurt? What else was going on for my co-worker when we had that unfortunate exchange? What did I expect of my family at that gathering?) It is this spirit of looking underneath that we may learn from the past to live our lives more skillfully in the present and going forward.”

Bhante Sathi
Mindfulness Group Discussion
Triple Gem of the North
Chaska MN, January 2020

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